Inspiring Wonderful East Bali Besakih Mother Temple.

This Tour Start on 8;30 Morning until 17;00;00(during 9 Hrs) You Will See:

Instagramable Besakih Mother Temple

Depart at 08.30, Visiting Kerta Gosa village – famoulsly now as the ancient court of justice or once a place for the administration of traditional justice in pre-colonial times. in Klung kung where among other thing you will see other thing you will see the famous Kamasan painting depicting famous Hindhu legend . Pass though the beautiful rice paddy terrace of Rendang and enjoy buffet Lunch .Drive to Besakih Mother Temple, on the way visit Bukit Jambul is beautiful of terrace rice field. Below is the tour program as follow:


KertaGosa Court of justice

KertaGosa Court of justice, It is located in the centre of Klungkung town. Kerta Gosa was built in the 18th century when Bali was ruled by the dynasty of King Kresna Kepakisan. Separated from the Puri (palace) there is a complex of justice buildings, the hall of justice called Kerta Gosa. The floating hall called Bale Kambang, and the water pool called Taman Gili. The ceilings of the buildings are covered by traditional paintings Kamasan style. They were replaced by using new material in 1930 and renewed in 1960. The palace it self was destroyed during the war between the Dutch and the Kingdom in Bali in the beginning of 20 century.

Bukit Jambul-Nice View

Bukit Jambul is the name of hill where there is a large banyan tree growing on the top of hill like crest so that the local people give it name as Bukit Jambul where Bukit is means hill, meanwhile Jambul is means crest. This place become famous because it was inspired by the most amazing scenery with rice terrace,

Rendang Best Terrace Rice Field

Rendang & Lunch : an area where you will find few travellers; an area where the locals look at you with suspicion and wonder. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular; narrow roads weaved through the lush, green jungle, . Enjoy your Buffet Lunch, see the nice of terrace Rice and mountain, valley.

Wonderful Besakih Mother Temple

Besakih : The highlight of it’s tour is Besakih, the mother temple of Bali. Located over a thousand feet up the volcanic slopped of Agung Volcano, the island’s largest mountain, it is Bali’s largest temple comprising of 23 separate but related individual temples.The most Important of these is Pura Penataran Agung ”Temple”, a six tiered temple terraced up the mountain. The backdrop is impressive and if the mist roll in you may feel as if you are in heaven in the clouds. Otherwise the view extends down to the sea and is not to be missed. Stop for lunch ( excluded) at a restaurant overlooking breathtaking lush green rice terraces with Mt.Agung to wearing majestically on the background.


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